Fightland explores gyms and fighting traditions from around the world.

  • Awakening Martial Arts in Modern China

    Fightland travels to Beijing and Shanghai to get an inside look at one of the most exciting emerging markets for mixed martial arts.

  • Finding the Birthplace of MMA in Pakistan

    Bashir Ahmad, professional fighter and MMA pioneer, takes us on a tour of Pakistani mixed martial arts, from the gym where it was born to the late-night smokers where tomorrow's stars test their luck…

  • MMA in the Streets of Kabul

    Despite decades long conflict in the region, MMA Coach Adam Shahir Kayoom has established a successful MMA gym and roster of rising local stars in Afghanistan's capital of Kabul.

  • MMA In The Streets Of Kabul (Trailer)

    We visit Kabul, Afghanistan to lean how coach Adam Shahir Kayoom is bringing MMA to the his country's war-torn streets with the help of internationally known fighter Baz Mohammad Mubariz.

  • The Female Taekwondo Fighters of Kurdistan

    Fightland travels to Erbil, Iraq to meet the Kurdish National Taekwondo team and learn how female fighters are finding a new voice in the region.

  • The Female Taekwondo Fighters Of Kurdistan (Trailer)

    In Erbil, Iraq, the practice of Taekwondo is alive and prospering. Watch the trailer for our latest doc: The Female Fighters of Kurdistan.

  • Japan's Karate Kid

    In this episode of Worldwide, we caught up Japanese fighter Kyoji Horiguchi to go fishing 70 miles north of Tokyo, and party at the legendary Kid Yamamoto's Krazy Bee academy. In person, it seems as i…

  • Philippines: The Baddest Man in Manila - Full Length

    In this full-length version of Worldwide: Philippines Parts 1-2, we travel to Manila to meet Alvin Aguilar, who offers us a glimpse into the city's notorious streets, and the surprising reasons behind…

  • Philippines: The Baddest Man in Manila - Part 2

    In Part 2 of Worldwide: Philippines, Manila's baddest man Alvin Aguilar breaks down and demonstrates the ancient art of Filipino knife-fighting.

  • Philippines: The Baddest Man in Manila - Part 1

    In Part 1 of Worldwide: Philippines, Manila's baddest man Alvin Aguilar talks Filipino strikers, his BAMF MMA team, and the city's notorious Taft Avenue.