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The inner lives and thoughts of MMA stars.

  • Welcome to the Mat: Jiu Jitsu with Ottavia Bourdain

    Back in October of 2013, after an infamous YouTube squabble, Ottavia Bourdain offered her friend, and Big Gay Ice Cream co-proprietor, Doug Quint an olive branch in the form of a free jiu jitsu lesson…

  • Fightland Meets: Rustam Khabilov

    We met UFC lightweight Rustam Khabilov and talked about his immigration from Dagestan and his new life at Jackson's MMA in Albuquerque.

  • Fightland Meets: Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva

    Last February, Fightland went down to Florida to ask UFC heavyweight Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva about his victory over Fedor Emelianenko, his humbling loss to Cain Velasquez, and the importance of family…

  • Sitdowns: Miesha Tate

    Find out what it's like to step inside the Octagon with the UFC's best in our Sitdowns series. In this episode, we sat down with Miesha Tate to talk about the emotional and life affirming moments of f…

  • Before and After: Joe Lauzon

    In 2012 we followed UFC Lightweight Joe Lauzon as he prepares for, and comes down from, his thriller against Jamie Varner.

  • Screening Room: Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman's First Fight

    Last year we sat down with UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman and former champion Anderson Silva in our screening room to talk us through their iconic first fight.

  • Fightland Meets: Roy Nelson

    We sat down with the unorthodox heavyweight Roy Nelson to talk family, what it's like to fight in the UFC, and his first fight with Kimbo Slice.

  • Feel The Fight: Dan Henderson

    We sat down with MMA legend Dan Henderson to talk finishes and how to have fun in the Octagon.

  • Feel The Fight: Renan Barão

    We talked with dominant Brazilian bantamweight Renan Barão about staying calm, finding a way out, and making his dreams a reality.

  • Fightland Worldwide: The Rise of MMA in Jordan

    We went to Jordan's capital city of Amman where Palestinian refugee and Brazilian jiu jitsu master Samy Al-Jamal teaches Jordanians and Muslim seekers from around the world the secrets of mixed martia…