An Inspirational Message From Anderson Silva (for Christmas)

Anderson Silva: Fighting is an art to me. You remember the Bruce Lee? It’s the same. And I remember the master Bruce Lee talking and I'm watching the interview. The master Bruce Lee talked, “The fight is the fight. The punch is the punch. The kick is the kick. But if you change levels it’s the same water. The water flows, the water is strong, the water change the levels.” I‘m watching the interviews with the master Bruce Lee, I feel the same in my philosophy, in martial arts, and my life.

Me, I have the great present because I watch Bruce Lee and the great martial artists. And Bruce Lee is my biggest inspiration for the fight. Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali, Roy Jones Jr., and the Noguiera brothers.

Fighting is like artistic expression. The MMA fight is real, real artists inside the Octagon. I’m happy because I lost my fight to Chrs Weidman but I no lost my energy; I no lost my focus for coming back. My energy, my martial arts philosophy—this is more important for me now.

I have a lot of artistic inspirations outside of fighting that influence me. I love Jay-Z and DMX.

In Brazil, I have a lot of inspirations. The actor Wagner Moura. Lázaro Ramos. 

I hope there is similarity between these guys and me. Yeah, because the guys changed the world. They use their talent for change the world. Passing the message for the people in the world. Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Pelé: These guys changed the world, changed the life of the kids, the people in the world. Because the guys passed the good message for the people in the world.